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    2-Pack of 12-Count Crayola Twistable Colored Pencils $3

    This is for a single 12-pack, not a two pack.
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    5 Free personalized holiday cards

    awesome, these are really nice quality
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    free 1 pair of Revlon sunglasses up to $99.99 at Sear optical

    I'm getting a Forbidden 403 page...
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    Free subscription to Spin Magazine

    Yay! They give you a free cd's worth of music lots of issues. And it's all awesome, new and different stuff.
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    Free Aussie product -coupon

    all gone
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    Freee Milani HD Advanced Lip Color

    all gone
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    Free Herbal Essences product -coupon

    all gone
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    Free Pandora Leather Bracelet with Murano Glass Charm

    You have to go through a long survey, and then they tell you at the end they are out. Duped! "As of 4:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, June 23, we have received a tremendous number of responses. Our “Leather Bracelet with Murano Glass Charm†($95 Retail Value) is no longer available. We are...
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    5 Free Tropicana Juicy Rewards Points

    I'm not seeing how this adds 5 pts. I made revisions to the directed page, as requested by Tropicana and saved it. But alas, no new points.
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    it's all gravy, thanks so much for responding anyway :)

    it's all gravy, thanks so much for responding anyway :)
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    Hello there! I was wondering if you knew the details on the free $10 to I...

    Hello there! I was wondering if you knew the details on the free $10 to I can't seem to figure how to submit my info or find the code
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    $10 off at American Apparel

    is this still available? i'm have difficulty locating the area that you type your info in
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    Free Luna Protein bar

    LOL, they arn't the best things in the world. Try choking down a Soyjoy though and you'll be screaming back to Luna for some flavor.
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    Free Phenom Coconut Water Energy Drink -coupon

    coconut water is just the liquid inside the coconut. i friggin love love love it! it's super healthy for you and apparently, helped to feign off Alzheimers
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    Free mini chocolate or orange almond bundt cake from Patron

    I got this, way back before Christmas. I included it in a foodie basket to my Dad for the Holiday. Got the orange one.
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    Free Floating keychain

    i cant seem to find it anywhere on the website
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    Arby's -Coupon for a Free Order of Curly Fries on April 15 direct link
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    Free Samples at

    it says you have to have an order of at least $25 for free shipping. otherwise, samples sent are $4.97.
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    Free No-Spill Bubble Tumbler Mini sample

    "Oh no - we're sorry! We have reached our maximum number of giveaways for this offer and continue to receive a high volume of traffic."
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