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    AMA House Party

    Wow! can't believe how much stuff there was in that box O_O:bowrofl:
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    $5 off at

    got the same thing the items in your cart do not yet meet the minimimum requirements for the promotion you entered. :uh:
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    Free Veria pilates DVD

    Be careful everyone! Apparently my computer blocked me from seeing the items on the facebook page because they found malware/virus on it! keep track of your computers please:noes:
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    Free $25 RC Willey gift card for recipe submission

    if anyone else has one they don't want you can Pm me, i really need a new frame. thanks!
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    $10 off $10 Code Jcpenny

    wonder if my items will get put away if i saved my shopping bag.... i think if we keep getting error messages we should just save our shopping bag and come back when there's less traffic :/
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    $5 off $5 at Petsmart

    omg...sorry that had to happen! i hate it when supervisors take their job too seriously:kekeke: all they had to say was " sorry, we can't take that coupon"
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    FREE $5 Oh My Crafts Gift Card

    0 dollars?? wheres that at?:confused:
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    $10 off $10 at Hallmark Gold Crown Stores

    worked like a charm cashier was nice about it, bought a (20 dollar value) yankee candle company diffuser for my secret santa this year at work (the minimum for the gift is 25 BUCKS!):uh:
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    Free $20 Gilt Groupe credit

    I think i got kicked out O_O So i messaged them about how I referred 10 people and did'nt get free shipping (or see the voucher at checkout) when they emailed me basically calling me a liar i fired off a letter on how i was uncomfortable with giving them other people's information than having...
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    Free cookies from Mrs. Fields for referring friends

    Got them! wows....i got alot for signing up 3 friends (they taste better if you microwave em' )
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    Free 1 Topping Pizza Hut Pizza -- ymmv, works in SO CAL

    Robbed! So I went to pick my "pizza" up. and they said the manager tried to call me to let me know it was YESTERDAYS promotion. Bull. They just dont wanna give away a free pizza :cry:
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    Free 1 Topping Pizza Hut Pizza -- ymmv, works in SO CAL

    just ordered mine as well :wiggle: should have added more toppings :eek3: BUT! let me know how it all turns out when you go pick it up!
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    Free 2-week supply of Sun Chlorella Cream

    me 5....I'm starting to think it was all a scam and that they just wanted our info :nono:
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    Free Stuff from Allure this month

    since the giveaways start in eastern time and im in the pacific and I doing it right by entering and *example* 10am my time when the giveaway starts at 12pm? just asking :sadwavey:
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    Free $10 ebay coupon for listing item

    wonder if it'll work... put my cranker up for 14,000 wonder if it'll sell....hope not because it's my only ride O_O
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    Free Wrigley Extra Dessert Delights Sugar-Free Gum Sample

    Thanks! should be yummy! ^_^:yum:
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    Free Royal Talens Water Mixable Oil Colors Sample

    didnt want to sign up...seemed kinda fishy after seeing how they mispelled email address :kekeke:
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    Free Benefit’s Crescent Row Fragrance sample at Sephora in JCPenney

    No sephora inside Jc over here :( Why bother printing it if im just gonna be denied :uh: i think its only valid if sephora is inside JC-let me knoe how your guy's experience was...
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