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  1. Bri Box for .01 !

    its a legit site. You can google blogs and youtube videos of people who have signed up and actually pay full price for the program. I haven't cancelled yet because I want to see if I like the products enough to consider keeping the program so I'm not sure if you get confirmation via email.
  2. Bri Box for .01 !

    your welcome!
  3. Bri Box for .01 !

    :jump::jump::jump: So as you know I'm a youtuber, and my friend on youtube posted a video about which is like a nail care company and they have this subscription box they send every month for I think $19.99. You do a survery and they tell you what kind of "maven" you are. (I'm...
  4. Bri

    Thank You Cyndie

    Thank You Cyndie
  5. Bri

    free catholic things

    Its not yours to keep. Its mission work making rosary and you have to send it back to them once finished. Its a nice think tho but you can't keep them.
  6. Bri

    Lady Gaga's Born This Way album $1

    If you bought this album, check your email. For the trouble many had with downloading Amazon gave a $5 credit for anything on the site. I don't know if its for everyone or for people who emailed amazon about the problem since I had emailed them. I figure its for everyone tho. but check your email.
  7. Bri

    Lady Gaga's Born This Way album $1

    theres a glitch in downloading the album. Some only got 1 or 2 songs. I got 5 but amazon is aware and fixing it. I used my mp3 credits too.
  8. Bri

    Lady Gaga's Born This Way album $1

    you can't use the $20 credit because it has to be $20 total purchase. Maybe if you combine it with something it would work but not just for the download
  9. Bri

    Free 30-day Club Pogo Guest Pass and 25,000 tokens have until 6/21/11 to use From Womans World Magazine
  10. Bri

    Five DVD Movie Rentals $2 at Blockbuster Express

    nope doesn't work online either. I called bbx but they refused to replace them and I called twice groupon and emailed them, last time I called two days ago they told me a rep who is in charge of the blockbuster groupon would contact me.....Yeah still waiting on that. I just want a refund at this...
  11. Bri

    Five DVD Movie Rentals $2 at Blockbuster Express

    smh, i still can't get the codes I ordered last time to work!
  12. Bri

    Blender - any hot deals on Amazon?

    DON'T get Hamilton Beach, thats the one he have now and it takes FOREVER to make a smoothie. Food gets stick down under the blades and its hard even with something skinny to get under the blades to get it out. I don't know the exact style we have but its one of the higher black models, I like...
  13. Bri

    Cooks 10-Liter Toaster Oven $19.99

    save 15% with this promo code MARSUR11 makes it about $23 after taxes and handling if shipped to store $25 if shipped home. Its a great deal! I just told my bestie about it because she is in need of a new toaster.
  14. Bri

    HammerMill 8.5"X11" copy paper 500 sheets only $1.00

    after rebate but still a good deal.
  15. Bri

    $13 for ESPN mag w/ Free T-Shirt
  16. Bri

    I knwo its been real crazy! Hope all is well with you!

    I knwo its been real crazy! Hope all is well with you!
  17. Bri

    Free $20 ExxonMobil Gift card

    Won't let me sign-up, had to call because it wouldn't verify my card, Lady says they check to see if you at least $50 on the card your using to sign up. I tired using my cc with a low amount on it.
  18. Bri

    Free Dunkin Donuts Coffee
  19. Bri

    $3 SuperStar Barbie

    target has it in store here. sold out online. toys r us has it online but no way i'm paying $5 shipping. going 2 go to target or wal mart later.
  20. Bri

    Free covergirl samples on 2/10

    I got the SHINE one but it says only one per so I couldn't get the smoky
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