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  1. rissasweetay

    $30 for Clorox settlement, today only!! HOT HOT HOT

    I got my $30 check on Saturday! I can't believe this is from 2 years ago, wonder why it was so long. Either way it came at a perfect time!!
  2. rissasweetay

    Playstation Plus 30 day trial

    Tiff, same here, though from what I read on another site this has expired, prolly all redeemed and that's why it is giving an error code. Stinks too, if I'd have seen this yesterday I would have jumped on it. We were in a Gamestop 2 weeks ago and they had a playable in-store demo of the game...
  3. rissasweetay

    FREE Pink Cookware Set w/ $30 P&G Purchase

    Now last year Kmart was participating, but I don't see it on the list of participating stores, anyone hear otherwise?
  4. rissasweetay

    P&G pink cookware

    I love this! I did this last year as well at Kmart. I was wondering when this was going to come around again. Here's what I found out about it:
  5. rissasweetay

    HP Touchpads $99 or $149!!

    Sears has them and they will price match, but you have to pay their price first and then they'll refund you the difference. Sucky price match policy!
  6. rissasweetay

    HP Touchpads $99 or $149!!

    Hey everyone, if you haven't heard HP is doing away with their Touchpad series. If you can still find them in your stores you can snag one up for $99 for the 16GB or $149 for the 32GB. The $99 one is sold out in all the online stores, but the $149 one is still available. It seems that...
  7. rissasweetay

    Free entree at Famous Dave's if your name is Dave Sunday August 14th
  8. rissasweetay

    Amazon Kindle Special Offers

    Ok thanks!
  9. rissasweetay

    Amazon Kindle Special Offers

    I have the Kindle too, but I'm asking if it's on the Kindle or would it come to your email that you have your Kindle registered to?
  10. rissasweetay

    Amazon Kindle Special Offers

    Where do you find them?
  11. rissasweetay

    *HOT*Chicago Steaks Deal!! 12 burgers, 4 steaks, Seasoning shaker ONLY $20.89 shipped

    Thanks for posting this awesome deal!! Did anyone else try to use a promo code for Chicago Steaks? They've got an ad on the main page now that says "Order today and we will send 8 half pound burgers for free, promo code 8burgers". I used the code and it says code accepted but doesnt show up...
  12. rissasweetay

    Free shorts at American Eagle on Saturday

    Thanks. Yea I was totally surprised that the 5 weren't already snagged up by the time we got there. But I can tell you that the 5 were snagged up by the time we left LOL My phone/Facebook account was number 1 but my hubby's phone/Facebook was number 4. So I guess people were catching on while we...
  13. rissasweetay

    Free shorts at American Eagle on Saturday

    Wanted to say thanks for letting us know about this offer! Both hubby and I have smartphones and checked in on the Facebook places and we ended up with 2 pairs of shorts absolutely free! My daughter used my pair since they don't have anything there nearly my size. But the manager told us there...
  14. rissasweetay

    Double Coke Rewards E-mail

    Yea I got this email too and tried it out and it does work. It doesn't work on Sprite though, only Coke, but still a good deal!
  15. rissasweetay

    $7(or $2) for a $10 target gift card

    What ya looking for it?
  16. rissasweetay

    Lowe's Gift-A-Thon Facebook 90% off Event 12/17-12/19

    I'm going to participate again this time but only cause they sent me that great $10 off coupon even though I didn't win anything.
  17. rissasweetay

    JCP Home Mailer. keep your eye out!

    I got a $10 off $10 but mine was in-store only. Either way I'm excited and I'm going Monday to cash it in!
  18. rissasweetay

    *HOT $1.50 Gloves Kohls again FS

    They also have a bunch of really cute holiday linens on sale very cheap! Here's a really cute placemat for $1.80 each!
  19. rissasweetay

    *HOT $1.50 Gloves Kohls again FS

    I think they mean they'll be that much after you apply the code.
  20. rissasweetay

    Sorcerer's Apprentice & Fantasia Blu-ray & DVD w/Digital copy $13.49 each.

    I found a great deal at Best Buy this week for 2 new movies that just were released Tuesday and you can score them both for $26.98 +tax (or $13.49 each)! Here's how... Best Buy has the Sorcerer's Apprentice Blu-ray+DVD+Digital Copy combo pack for $26.99 and Fantasia/Fantasia 2000...
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