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  1. hollysaurusrawr

    $5 SMIRNOFF Vodka rebate

    We have until 4-15 for them to receive it though, so we could buy vodka this weekend and send it in!
  2. hollysaurusrawr

    Tom Tom GPS as low as $22

    I went back and picked one up for myself today.
  3. hollysaurusrawr

    Tom Tom GPS as low as $22

    This one says it has spoken street names. I went ahead and got the cheaper one, I know that my sister was looking at lower priced models and didn't care about having a lot of features. She also probably won't use it very often, so that's why I opted for a less expensive one.
  4. hollysaurusrawr

    Tom Tom GPS as low as $22

    I am heading out to the store now to see if I can get one for 30.
  5. hollysaurusrawr

    Tom Tom GPS as low as $22

    Same. No luck. Too bad, my sister really wants one of these for her birthday and it would be a great deal!
  6. hollysaurusrawr

    JC Penney $10 off $25 for 2/25 and 2/26

    I went to the store and did this. They have coupons in the store if you don't have one.
  7. hollysaurusrawr

    Office/School Supply Sale at the Animal Rescue Site

    This is one of my favorite online stores! Just placed an order from them this week!
  8. hollysaurusrawr

    Free Stop Bullying Now Campaign Video Toolkit DVD

    Sent off for this. I may need it in my classroom some day.
  9. hollysaurusrawr

    Free 15-Count Box of Gallon Size Ziploc Freezer Bags

    Hope I get them. We go through a lot of these.
  10. hollysaurusrawr

    NVM! - Free cat bowl with 9lives purchase ends 1/31

    At least we all got to have a nice discussion about feline acne.
  11. hollysaurusrawr

    Free $1 from Miller High Life

    Thanks :) says it is on its way
  12. hollysaurusrawr

    NVM! - Free cat bowl with 9lives purchase ends 1/31

    My vet told me that they can get it from the bacteria that collects in plastic bowls. I switched to ceramic and Rhett's acne cleared up.
  13. hollysaurusrawr

    NVM! - Free cat bowl with 9lives purchase ends 1/31

    I wonder what the bowl looks like. I can't use plastic dishes because my youngest cat gets acne from them.
  14. hollysaurusrawr

    Free You T Sample Pack

    Thanks! I have not gotten any freebies in the mail in a few weeks! Need to start signing up for more!
  15. hollysaurusrawr

    5 swagbucks

    Expired :(
  16. hollysaurusrawr 50% off Hefty

    Thanks! I am in MO so I had to pay sales tax, but still a good deal!
  17. hollysaurusrawr

    BabyLegs 75% off clearance!

    My sister uses them with her babies. They look cute with all the fun cloth diaper prints.
  18. hollysaurusrawr

    Free Young Again Cat Food sample

    EXPIRED Due to overwhelming demand on our free sample offer we have run out of our available free sample product. We are in the process of confirming and delivering over 10,000 sample requests. We apologize for the inconvenience and to show our appreciation for the great response to our offer...
  19. hollysaurusrawr

    Red Large Vicky Giraffe Print Faux Leather Satchel Bag Handbag Purse $13.12+fss

    A lot of people appear to have had issues with the seller. I'd save the 11 or 12 bucks and get a few margaritas somewhere!
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