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    Blair .99 shipping each item ends 4/4

    i thought those were hot! i'm going to wear one to prom! :bigthumb:
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    Some borders stores, EVERYTHING 60 - 90% off?

    I'm visiting family this weekend and we visited Borders, there's a huge one here in Nashua, NH and it's closing so everything is 60 - 90 % off. Even DVDs, Blu-Rays, CDs, books, etc. We got 185 dollars worth of stuff and paid 2 dollars total (+ 30 dollars in gift cards ;)) WoWza! They had slim...
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    Shop Forever21, 100% for Japan

    saw your post at 10 pm last night, whew! i loaded up with 55$ dollars worth of clothes. they had super cute cords for 3.99 a pair, i bought 3, lol! so many good deals and all of it went to a japan, so it was a no brainer.
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    Nordstrom Rack $4.97 Women's Sweater

    any free shipping codes? besides "SHOES"
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    Guru hookah tobacco

    ick, no thanks!
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    Free $15 Sephora Gift Card -survey

    they sent me two amazon gift codes but i only took the survey once???! not complaining though! now i have 60 dollars in my account, woo!
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    Free $25 Credit

    My order came today. I first ordered something, they canceled it, but the credit came back. So I ordered 2 pairs of shorts with that credit. I used a visa GC with 5 dollars on it and it was not charged. The shorts came today. Really cute and SO fast. They said that the estimated shipping date...
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    Free $30 GC

    I think they didn't anticipate the amount of orders AND the fact that the majority, if not all of them, would be getting it for free. They were going to be losing a lot of money. But they should've thought this through.
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    Free $30 GC

    buy with me sucks! how could they do that? such bad business.
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    Free $25 Credit

    Uggh! I just checked my vanilla visa's balance and I have 4 dollars missing... 2 from the first order they canceled and 2 from the new order. Soo annoying. 4 dollars is a reasonable price for what I might be getting but it's still so annoying. They better take it off :nono:
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    Free $25 Credit

    it canceled my order but i had my credits so i made a new order with the jessica simpson shorts, which are really cute. so far that one looks like it'll take, but who knows?
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    Free $25 Credit

    They emailed me saying my order was canceled but when I checked on the site it was still there. fingers crossed!:fingersx:
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    Free $25 Credit

    Thankfully I got my order in and it looks like it's still good to go. They deleted my mom's credits though. Great company.
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    Free $30 GC

    YAY! I LOVE tea! My parents are not going to be happy when 30 dollars worth shows up at our house:naughty:
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    Cuddlee Pet $1+$4.99 s/h

    are those pillow pal knock offs? lol great price though!
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    $20 gift card for $10

    when do they email the code? :/
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    $20 gift card for $10

    awesome! thank god i just got a new vanilla visa!
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    Free Scholastic Book

    do we get to pick the book or will they send a random one?
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    Target: Eclipse BluRay/DVD combo pack only $4.79 shipped!

    i got this, yay! cant believe buying it is cheaper than doing on demand... there it costs 5.99 to watch in HD!
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    $20 off $20 or More + FREE Shipping at

    on IE it won't even let me log in, on chrome I can't put it another code!
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