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    touch of pink cosmetics.

    stop looking at me! LOL :eek3:
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    Free 1.58oz Micro Wafers and 4oz Ultimate Water Conditioner

    Chris, it says at the bottom that "this offer is only valid within the state of Calif. and to be redeemed today 10/13. Thanks anyways! :io: Check the form to make sure that it is complete and accurate, then press the "Redeem offer" button below. This offer is only valid within the state of...
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    Free NEA's Read Across America 2009 Resource Calendar

    Free 2009 Read Across America Resource calendar and toolkit I did a search and only found the 2008 one so I posted the newest version for 2009.
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    Free $5 Starbucks card

    I got the same--
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    Free Built for Life Hat

    Hats are all gone. :io:
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    Free nature ring tones This was in Oprah Magazine.
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    murad resurgence samples

    by Chris on Fri Sep 19, 2008 3:35 pm Forum: Free Stuff Topic: Free Murad Resurgence 3 Step Regimen Sampler Replies: 0 Views: 27 looks like chris already posted this one
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    DVD for Teachers grades 4-12

    yeah, it seems to be another new post of it 6 months later, but one of the same. :h5:
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    DVD for Teachers grades 4-12

    Free DVD for Teachers Free DVD for teachers. On right hand page or lower left on page. No catch. There is not even a shipping/handling charge. The only thing they want in return is your feedback regarding the DVD you will receive from them. Once you’ve had the chance to use the program in...
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    free coffee cup

    I have been informed already a few days ago when I tried to post this that this is not legit. Thanks Chris for letting us know what is good out there and what is not! :h5:
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    Yarrah Organic Pet Food

    Man, seems I am just stirking out today! :eek3: :x: hopefully it will come.
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    Yarrah Organic Pet Food

    Free yarrah dog or cat food
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    Free Digilake Coffee cup

    Thanks again Chris. I had no idea. We will be sure not to post this one again. :h5: :ohno:
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    Free Digilake Coffee cup
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    Free finger Rosaries
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    Free sample of Crest White Expressions

    Thanks Chris! It takes us to the Walmart site for freebie. Thanks again for linking.
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    Free sample of Crest White Expressions

    Crest Whitening Expressions Sample ... 02&source= I searched, and didnt see this posted prior. Hope we didnt do a repost. Looks like it may be a new one. :x:
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    Goodnites Sleep Shorts

    Free goodnites Boxers ... d=GNsample Fill out survey, get free boxers
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    Free Bladder Control products-call-in only ... quest.html This is a call-in only.
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    Free The New Yorker Bookmark
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