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    FREE Cabinet Safety Latch Starter Kit!

    got this today It comes with 2 slider latches and 2 cabinet latches, didn't think it would come:bowrofl::bowrofl:
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    Possible Free or Cheap Lingerie

    I got a pair of cute panties, passed this offer off to my sister south she can get a pair, when I went on the smaller sizes were going fast.
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    Free Copenhagen Camouflage Trucker Hat

    Also if you complete all 3 levels depending on the score, dont know how it works but it will also pro bass gc(doesnt say how much)
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    Lucky Tote Bag/ Gray and Black

    totebag I just got this the other day
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    Gift Cards???

    I am in a few survey groups that i get them from, opinion place offers them when completing a survey, my husband was 1 of 300 young adults aged 18-25 for mtv vips, and he gets around 30-50 a month, survey chats are higher, socratic forum is a survey group that you can get gc mypoints is...
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    DVT Awareness Kit click on customer service its gonna ask for type of meducation i radomly chose one and got through to someone
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    DVT Awareness Kit

    Dvt this is a nice kit This is a nice little kit. I had to email them to ask when I should recieve it. I teach a heath class here, and I told them this would be a great little project to do while we learn about DVT, she shipped one on in 2 days and emailed me asking me if i need anything to...
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