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  1. crazy-oldy-mom

    Buy the $32.95 Valued Sun Perfection Tinted Lenses to Get A $29.95 Frame FREELY @GS

    i orderd last week and received them today...great...thanks
  2. crazy-oldy-mom

    FREE Pink Cookware Set w/ $30 P&G Purchase

    my shop rite is not listed but it have this
  3. crazy-oldy-mom

    P&G pink cookware

    yes,it is very nice
  4. crazy-oldy-mom

    Amazon Gourmet Gift Sets

    i ordert 3 from this yesterday
  5. crazy-oldy-mom

    P&G pink cookware

    i have this after shopping at shop rite last week,and i send it already
  6. crazy-oldy-mom

    200 digital prints for $1.99 shipped from Kodak

    i ordert exact 200 prints and then it was 1.99 bevor it was each photo 15 cent
  7. crazy-oldy-mom

    Free glasses on May 18 -S&H

    thanks,i ordert one:h5: hope i did it right i only jknow that i have -3 on the right eye the other is 0:dunno: but if not i can take the frame to a shop and buy glasses for it:dunno:
  8. crazy-oldy-mom

    Free Rilax Zzz sleep supplement sample-EXPIRED

    got an email from them that its only for malaysia.... Dear Marianne, Thank you for your interest in Rilax Zzz, a natural sleep supplement. The free sample is only available to residents in Malaysia and Singapore. At the moment, the product has not been made available in USA and Canada as yet...
  9. crazy-oldy-mom

    75% at Hickory farms

    they have 75% of but the shipping is expensive:dunno:
  10. crazy-oldy-mom

    DVD Player $15.99 + $5 shipping!! Hurry

    I have no son:dunno: I only have Carina and Sabrina. But i have a normal size multisystem TV with a multisystem VCR and DVD player. (with multisystem i can watch my german DVDs and Videos) And we have a bigger TV only for american DVDs who is not conected with something so we only use it with...
  11. crazy-oldy-mom

    DVD Player $15.99 + $5 shipping!! Hurry

    i ordert one,thanks!!!!:kiss:
  12. crazy-oldy-mom

    free Popcorn?
  13. crazy-oldy-mom

    Get 250 Premium Business Cards for $3.99 PLUS 250 Free!

    I love Vistaprint too.........have a lot of T-Shirts,Cups,Magnets ....:h5:
  14. crazy-oldy-mom

    $7 0ff The Price Of The 2011 Entertainment Book +Free Shipping!

    i ordert yesterday and today i can see my points but they are pending for 1 month
  15. crazy-oldy-mom

    $7 0ff The Price Of The 2011 Entertainment Book +Free Shipping!

    i ordert 2 over mypoints...gave me 2000 points extra
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