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    Free guitar picks from marlboro

    Right now check your offers. They are giving away 25,000 free guitar picks. If its under your offers just comment and get them.

    For A Free Bag Of Lindor Truffles (Via Facebook Coupon)

    I printed out four!! Hope I can use all of them!! Would be excellent to put in xmas baskets I make for friends and neighbors!

    AMA House Party

    Still waiting for mine too!!!

    Cobra HD Mini Camcorder 2" screen $14.99 had these mini HD camcorders for today only for $14.99 + 4.99 shipping. I just got me one. Its only good for 8 more hours so order soon!! I think they would make great gifts!!!:wavey:

    free renuzit

    I think it says it is for renuzit super odor nutralizer spray. Not the little air fresheners.

    Portable DVD/CD player $9.99 officedepot

    I just got three of these babies on the way!!!! Yay!! I keep wearing mine out!!! Ordered today and they will be delivered tomorrow!! Thats crazy!!

    free terra chips party

    Got my package today!! Didnt think I would get one.

    Free Pictureka Card Game at Walmart

    Got three already and going back for 4 more!!! Yay. Great xmas gifts!!

    The Hosties New Sponsorship Opportunity

    Works now but I dont feel like messing with it!!
  10. MSTEELMA69

    Free Orbit Flip Flops with Orbit Gum code

    I ran to the store(its only 2 houses away) and bought 2 packs and used the code 4 times so Im cool!! I sent two to my house and 2 my daughters house.
  11. MSTEELMA69

    Free Orbit Flip Flops with Orbit Gum code

    I ordered 4 pair for me!! All I wear is flip flops here in Cali!!! It has to get pretty damn cold for me to actually put on real shoes!! LOL
  12. MSTEELMA69

    Ped Egg Foot File: $1.59 (FS today only)

    I found these yesterday at my local dollar tree for you guessed it 1.00. Just FYI. I got two for me!!!
  13. MSTEELMA69

    Netbook 7" $99.99/FS

    I bought one at CVS too and also would not work!!! Took that piece of sh** back!!! My new one I got from eglobalwireless works great though!!!
  14. MSTEELMA69

    freebee from porsche

    I got it!! Page two just take a minute to go through!!
  15. MSTEELMA69

    Free Hat, Flask or Coupon Book from Copenhagen

    Free gift and coupons from Copenhagen Log into your copenhagen account at and click on free gift. They offer either a camoflage hat or water bottle plus you can print coupons for $$$$ off.
  16. MSTEELMA69

    Free Neutrogena Suncare at CVS

    Just FYI I just got back from CVS to get this and it was 11.99 instead of 1.99 but thank you anyways.
  17. MSTEELMA69

    Free package of Cat's Pride -coupon

    I filled out the form too and did not get. I just tried again and it said that I had already signed up for the coupon. Maybe I will get it soon.
  18. MSTEELMA69

    Denny’s: FREE Grand Slam Breakfast– 2/9 ONLY!

    Got mine today!!! Four of us went and filled our bellies!!!! Sweet!!!
  19. MSTEELMA69

    Free All Purpose Multi-Tool from Copenhagen Tobacco

    It also said you can use this website: Just FYI
  20. MSTEELMA69

    Free All Purpose Multi-Tool from Copenhagen Tobacco

    Multi Purpose tool from Copenhagen My boyfriend just bought a can of tobacco and on the back it said to go to to get your free tool. I am already signed up so when I signed in I was able to get the tool. Here is the website again:
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