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    Free Compact Mirror from Olay & Seventeen shoptext

    thanks worked for me
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    Free Bachelorette Party Drink Recipe Booklet - Download created Cock-Tails to help women planning bachelorette parties create the wildest "last night out" ever. Bachelorette parties can be difficult to pull together, and every last bit of advice helps. These crazy drinks will make every party awesome. Cock-Tails is the best booklet...
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    free terra chips party

    i got mine yesterday mail man came to my house and dropped it off on a sunday
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    free terra chips party

    i emailed them yesterday after reading everyones post and i go an email back this morning saying Thank you for taking the time to contact us regarding our Terra Tidings Holiday Promotion. We strive to maintain the highest quality products and appreciate your patronage. You will be...
  5. DOT89

    free terra chips party

    i chose the 31st so:fingersx:
  6. DOT89

    free terra chips party

    worked for me hope it come would be great for new years if it comes before then THANKS
  7. DOT89

    free $ sign sticky notes

    thanks chris or letting us know
  8. DOT89

    cheap maybelline new york foundation

    :bigthumb: rite aid has the maybelline products 40% off and if you have the foundation coupon that was in the latest issue of cosmo it will be under 4 dollars i got the mineral powder foundation for $2.69 org $9.49 thats a saving of $6.80
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    trojan ecstacy sample :kekeke:
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    Free sample packets of Emeril's Original Essence

    sample of emerils original essence :wiggle:
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    free 88 page upper peninsula travel planner

    its got some nice pictures of up north (as we call it here in michigan) you can view the digital one too.
  12. DOT89

    pogo gems (idk if its the right place)

    oh well maybe you guys will get a e-mail on your pogo account e-mails look out for em
  13. DOT89

    pogo gems (idk if its the right place)

    people should check there e-mails because i got a e-mail for 10 free pogo gems you have to enter your password i have a link but i dont think it works for everyone
  14. DOT89

    free Delicious 2 Deluxe game download i dont know how long this last but its the full version
  15. DOT89

    DVT Awareness Kit

    ill take 8 boxes lol
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    free ppogo tokens every day for those who dont know about the tokens Q: What are tokens? What can I do with my tokens? A: Tokens are your chance to win our Prize Drawings. You can win (or...
  17. DOT89

    Avon free shipping

    i order avon from my sister so i dont order offline
  18. DOT89

    2000 pogo tokens (idk if this will work for everyone) and a entry into there mothers day contest (main link) :jump:
  19. DOT89

    free club pogo 14 day pass :jump: :wiggle:
  20. DOT89

    Fitness toe bag filled and $5 CVS GC

    i dont have a cell :(
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