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    free college t shirts from coke rewards

    Thanks to those who posted the code words! You all are awesome. :) ive got a total of 8 shirts coming.
  2. tomj1023

    Free Alphag33k t-shirt

    I got the shirt last year. Its a nice one with a cool graphic. They will contact you by phone & mail. Not that that's a problem! LOL
  3. tomj1023

    Free Muir Glen 2008 Reserve Gift Box

    I got mine today. The mailman brought the package and said "So what sweet freebie did you get today?" LOL The products look great & I cant wait to try them. Nice recipe cards that came with it, & an extra set to pass on to someone. I really think the wood crate rocks. I love the food freebies...
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    Bridal Registry Freebees

    Hi, I just joined, but have been using freestufftimes for about a year. I have been following the bridal registry freebies going on and wanted to add one that I haven't seen on here yet. It is for Bloomingdales. Register and add items to it as in the others. This one has different freebies...
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