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    Free movie ticket

    Is this expired? Shows I have a 5 cent credit???
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    My Coke Rewards 12 Pack

    Im trying to order. site is moving slowwwwww
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    My Coke Rewards 12 Pack

    :jump: 59!!!!
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    JCP Home Mailer. keep your eye out!

    I got 10 off of 10 today. Woopwoop.
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    Kohls Vera Wang Slippers $2.50 Free shipping!! HOT**

    Got slippers and gloves for five bucks. thanks much
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    Walgreens Black Friday Ad

    Thanks for setting us straight. You learn something new everyday apparently.
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    Walgreens Black Friday Ad

    I just checked again....this is her exact quote from the girl that runs the site. Question and answer: November 23rd, 2010 at 10:58 pm One More Question, If I have jingle cash from P & G for the Olay deal, can I use it with the Herbal Essence and still get the Herbal Essesnce RR or Jingle...
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    Walgreens Black Friday Ad

    I, as well, always thought it was the manufacturer, not the amount. The girl that runs WILDFORWAGS wrote that I believe. I've been doing wags for over a year now, and I was thinking it didnt sound right but I wanted to check with you guys. thanks for replying Christina.
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    Walgreens Black Friday Ad

    I read this on Supposedly you will receive a RR if you use a P & G RR on a P&G product if they are for different amounts. Can anyone confirm or deny? This was her answer to a question about it: Yes, if you were using a $3 RR from P&G (since that’s what the Crest gives)...
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    $10 off $10 at Hallmark Gold Crown Stores

    I used two last night with no hassles. The lady was super nice and even asked where I got the coupon so she could get one.
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    Free $20 Gilt Groupe credit

    Do you guys think I will have any issues if I use 2 different email addys (roomie and mine) but use the same credit card?
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    Lowe's Black Friday "pre-event" on Facebook

    That promo was pretty irritating in my opinion. I clicked the link as soon as it went up for the fridge. Hit submit. Never went through. BS
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    Free Smile.Ly Durex LoveBox 'Mission'

    I didnt get it either.
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    I'm not sure. Nothing personal Twin, I wait for Chris or Web to post usually.
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