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    Free site membership to HomeMint for referring friends

    I'm really leery of this one. The site has been registered for 7 years and not to Justin Timberlake.
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    Free Facial Samples From Mariobadescu

    I have received these a couple of times. They sent me 8-10 decent sized samples!
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    Free Sample of Concentrate 128 Cleaner (Email Offer Only)

    Looks phishy to me. They used to have a website but their website no longer exists. It just went defunct. They used to have a little site with a free sample form. Since the website no longer exists they want you to email them. Actually, it's a good way to good good verifiable email addresses to...
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    Free Aromatic Escape Sandy Bottoms Lotion Bar Sample – Email

    Looks phishy. Their website has been suspended:
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    Free $5 Footlong at Subway

    1. Get your Subway rebate. Connect your card to Offermatic and get a $5 automatic rebate at Subway. 2. Get more personalized offers Offermatic will analyze your purchase history to find you more relevant offers! 3. Save Money 100% free. No coupons or Codes. Just automatic rebates...
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    Free pr88 hand protection cream sample

    They're all gone for now.
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    Free Hat

    Looks like they took their page down or, maybe, they got kicked out?!
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    Free Pretty Ugly Boutique foundation sample

    Their Facebook page is no longer available. Looks like FB may have taken it down?
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    Free Invisible Glass windshield cleaner with rain repellent wipes

    Try to get there just at midnight. At 1:20AM they were all out!
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    Free Sample of Kellogg's Special K Cereal

    This is a phishing site that went around a year or two ago. Their whois has them registered to a small glass firm.
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    $5 on your Kroger Card: Enter Pillsbury Bake-Off

    Thanks, and repped!
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    Kotex sample pack-a few guick ?s

    I'd be very cautious about this one. They have a disclaimer at the bottom of the page of the type that phishing sites use to keep from getting sued by the manufacturer when everyone starts contacting them complaining about not getting the sample. Saw on another site that the phone number...
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    Free Hair Comb

    Site just registered on 3/13/11 in The Netherlands. The wording on their home page is taken from: The wording on the about us page is taken from The salon addresses they list are just a hodge-podge of salons, not associated with...
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    Free Universal screen cleaner sample -NOT LEGIT

    Yep! It's a clone of
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    Free Nail Clippers

    Rule of thumb: If it has "free" in the address, it's a phishing site. I do have to admire how they get everyone who falls for it to spread the word though. They want you to use their example to tweet about them. OMG! FREE NAIL CLIPPERS (pass it on). Then EVERYONE who reads your tweet will hate you!
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