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    Free tea sampler

    Thanks! Seems pretty legit to me.
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    anyone get this e-mail yet??

    The problem is, I commented on their status, not on their wall.
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    anyone get this e-mail yet??

    Can someone explain to me how I am supposed to show them the URL? I'm confused...
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    $10 Concert Tickets (thru Wednesday 7/21)!

    Thanks so much! I found a show my brother would like. They had this concert that I really REALLY wanted to go to, but they have the socal one, not the norcal one thats playing the next day :(
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    Flip-Flops $1.29/FS

    Socks + sandals = super tacky
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    Free 1GB Creative Zen MP3 player

    Thanks Chris! I always love talking about concert stories.
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    How to save on ink

    I know, I read your post, or else I wouldn't have mentioned it :confused: What I'm saying is that it is probably cheaper to have someone like costco do it. They buy things in such bulk that they can make it affordable. Just saying, you should double check it because it seems like you are...
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    How to save on ink

    Toph, you realize if you take them into costco (or maybe any place with a photo processing area) you can refill your ink for 7-10 bucks depending on your ink? I would check it out, because its pretty cheap.
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    American Eagle: $5 Limited Edition T’s!

    The mens shirts suck.
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    The Dark Knight 2-Disc Special Edition - $5
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    Free Sample of Ritz Munchables

    I just don't like everyone seeing that I'm a fan of random things...I mean for this one it takes you to their website! I don't see why they needed to use facebook
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    Free $10 from JC Penny's rewards

    I just put in a regular credit card and it worked for me...I didn't even have an account at JCPenny. Sorry it's not working for anyone :(
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    Free $10 from JC Penny's rewards

    Go to Sign up for the rewards program (you have to enter a credit card) Log in Under my account on the right hand side there should be $10 under available awards Click print to get your code, and use it at "checkout+promo" at
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