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    Can someone help me remember an old CVS hot deal?

    on this subject, there is another cvs gc deal going on right now through onsale: ..and I was able to get ebates on this :)
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    N-a-k-e-d Toilet Paper. Get a FREE Cottonelle Brand Roll Cover. Respect the Roll!!!

    I been using these to stash my son's lego men pieces and crayons :)
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    $10 ofr $20 OldNavy is back

    for those who got this groupon deal, great time to use as starting today 12/26 - 1/22/12 it's super cash days: spend $20 get $10 ON super cash (redeemable 1/27 - 2/8) Earning increments as below: Spend $20-39.99 Earn $10 in Super C-A-S-H Spend $40-59.99 Earn $20 in Super C-A-S-H Spend $60=+...
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    Disney Movie Rewards - It's Double Points Day!

    CHEER11 from face book worth 25pts hurry!!! expires 12/23
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    $10 Subway gift card for $5

    nothing from Accessories Direct yet. I did get an email from them asking me for some they can look up, but that was 9 days ago. I actually just send them an email follow up this morning, nada yet!!!:mad:
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    $10 ofr $20 OldNavy is back

    being offered again at Groupon:
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    Amazon Gourmet Gift Sets

    this is a pretty nice one. Just received these today and definitely presentable as gift:
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    Tebow stickers

    yes, many pro are saying he will be one of the best QB/fb player ever. Currently leading Denver Broncos on a 7 straight winning streak.
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    Tebow stickers

    ditto! I have signed up for the a few things as well, and have yet to receive anything! Not wasting my time on Yovia anymore.
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    40% off at Payless Shoes

    It's good until 12.25th. There is no print out currently, but as long as you know the code you can tell the store personnel and they'll just punch it in. Of course, I'm assuming it's YMMV, but mines was very nice. She happily gave it a try. She said they just throw away the print out any ways...
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    Step2 Naturally Playful Big Folding Slide $69.99

    It's still available via Toys r Us...
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    $10 for $20 worth at Old Navy!
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    $5 off Toddler shoes on (some are free)

    It works for non red card holders as well, just that it's best with the red card to get free shipping while non-red card holders will have to pay for shipping.
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    free wet ones at participating zoos

    If you're going to one of these zoos, you can pick up some free wet ones:
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    J&J Bubble bath -super cheap if you can locate

    These are currently not in stock for shipping, but are available at some stores. My closest in-stock bbrus is a good hour drive away so not worth my while,but maybe it will help someone here out. This is a twin pack 28oz @ $6.98 and bbrus currently have the deal of b2g1. So if you buy 3...
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