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    Presto® Pro Salad Shooter Slicer/Shredder $42.49

    Got one of those @ Walmart for $18.99 over a year ago. Quite noisy. It it improved? for $30 extra.
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    $25 gas card for $1.95

    Have you done it? How does it works, Any other fee. Have you actually received the gas cards mailed to you. **************** Tried it. bidding end at $18.50. Most of stuffs came out very closed to listed prices. What's the point?
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    Cheap Method Laundry Soap @ Target

    I use those balls for drying. I got them form Bed Bath Beyond with instruction for dryer like static sheet that can be re use over & over. I don't understand part the part for washer, How the oil & grime came off? About Listia - Can I deal locally only to avoid mailing / shipping with those...
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    Does anyone happen to have a promo code?

    They are difficult to use at the restaurant ( too many rules). If you watch and wait they goes on clearance at 90% off ($1 for a $25 certificate) or 80% off ($2 for a $25 certificate) all the time. I stock up plenty when I come across one.
  5. I Box for .01 !

    sound like ".01 including shipping" is to get your CC. Do you get cancelation confirmation via e mail as well?
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    up to $15 Free from Kellogg's Mini-wheats class action lawsuit

    Yep, got my $15 check. Spent - thanks Kellogg.
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    Free Vanilla Extract, Free Caramel Flavoring, and Free Food Coloring -S&H

    Thanks $5.99 shipped Update: Got mine today. 1 Caramel, 1 Bourbon Vanilla + 3 free food colors. Hope they are good stuffs. Finally, My free spank sock show up via Fedex.
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    Subway: $2 Cold Cut Combo & Meatball Marinara Subs –

    Why they call them"COMBO" ? I always think of it's a meal deal?
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    $1 lunch Friday only from Groupon

    Last time merchant did not redeem the certificate, we got our $1 back + free food. Love Group On friday.
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    $10 Subway gift card for $5

    Anybody got this deal from savemore? Have You received your ordered product? ******************************************** --- $7 for $30 worth of Jew via promo credit. I order my $30 jewelry since 10/15/11 - I can not log back in to track...
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    $5 for an AMC Theatres Silver Experience movie Ticket

    FYI. Gold - any movies. Silver - 10 days or older movies.
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    Eversave - $2 off today only

    Any good national deal ? Seattle has $5 a year, Parent Mag. They always do promo with not salable stuffs.
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    Kohl's Printable $10 off $25 purchase of any Mudd Apparel.

    $10 off $25 purchase of any Mudd Apparel @ Kohl's. **************************** ****************************
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    200 digital prints for $1.99 shipped from Kodak

    Neve rmind. At the end shown $1.99.
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    2lb ham as low as $2

    Some people orders got canceled... What gives? No Ham for me!
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