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    Free Lipton K-cups

    Although there is a contest.. everyone gets a free sample of Lipton K-cups! I got the link from SheSpeaks
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    Possible free scotch brite sponge

    Walmart sells the scotch brite sponge for 1.00, there is a coupon for 1.00 off a scotch brite bathroom solutions product. I am not sure if the sponge is a "bathroom solutions product" though. My Walmart will not accept internet prints that don't have the code on the side.. the code that prints...
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    30 points Coke Rewards 12 pack

    Awesome!! Thanks so much for the post. I got one!!!! Repped ya. I was able to get two!!, but that is the max. Excellent deal!! Your redemption is complete and now you can get your Reward.
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    $10 off $10 at

    Nice deal. I got 2 40 lb bags of Iams dog food.. had to get two in order to get free shipping, I saved a little over 15.00 total from the price I usually pay at Walmart. Part of the savings was due to not having to pay sales tax. Thanks!
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    Possbile MM at Target

    My Target has Circo infants/kids socks on clearance for .50... If you still have the Taget Web Coupon for 1.00, you can make .50 for each one. I did this deal yesterday and it worked fine. They don't give cash back, but you can use the profit for other items in your cart. The coupon expires...
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    free 8x10 photo canvas for $0.00 + shipping

    Very nice! Thanks for the post.. rep'ed ya.
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    Recycle Bank has $1 off Coke Products Coupons for only 10 pts

    thanks for trying.. still doesn't work. They must be sold out.
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    Recycle Bank has $1 off Coke Products Coupons for only 10 pts

    I can't even find the coupon on recycle bank.. maybe it is gone now!
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    25 free recycle bank points

    I went to the link posted on this site... select kitchen for the room, and one of the plus signs will lead to a quiz about organic stuff.. the answers can easily be guessed correctly.. then you get 25 points!
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    Sample showcase working now!!

    Now that your Sample Showcase box has been ordered, we invite you to explore our site, make some comments and visit our Sample Center. We thank you again for your order and hope to see you back soon. Just use the link from this site.. it is working now.. fast, no glitches! Oh.. I qualified...
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    Blender - any hot deals on Amazon?

    Margaritaville makes a very very good one.. the ice is crushed from the top rather than with the bottom metal blades. They are a bit on the pricey side, but very good! I have no idea what it would cost on amazon, but if you could get a good deal on one, it would be worth it. I have the key west...
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    Check your email.. Happy Baby free product coupon

    The email link for the coupon is no longer available. The link now reads.. this coupon is no longer available due to people abusing the coupon. If you want a coupon, pls email us.. one per family!
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    Possible free Muir Glen tom. at Whole Foods

    My local Whole Foods store has Muir Glen canned tomato (diced) with 1.00 off 2 peelies. They are also on sale for 1.50.. using the 1.00 off any Muir Glen from this site (or the Whole Foods site).. (Whole Foods will let you stack their coupon with a manufacturers coupon). I got them free. They...
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    Check your email.. Happy Baby free product coupon

    If you go to the happy baby website, and click on store locator, then put in your address, or zipcodes.. the stores that carry their products will appear... if you click on the store, it will tell you the exact store and address. For example, mine had Target listed, but there are 2 Targets near...
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