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    Childrens Books $1 includes Christmas and Thanksgiving books! + FS

    says the free shipping code has expired. :(
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    Free Adult Sex Toy on 11/4

    ooo pocket rockets are awesome hehe :naughty:
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    15 Recycle Bank Points

  4. dolphindreams

    75 Free RecycleBank Points

  5. dolphindreams

    15 points for RecycleBank enter TakeSmallSteps
  6. dolphindreams

    50 Free RecycleBank Points

    ty chris! points are few and far between on recycle bank
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    Free Gillette Body Wash @ Dollar General with Coupon

    ty! no time to go look for this today, but i'll go look tomorrow!
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    FREE Set of 2 Leather Heart Paper Weights from Red Envelope (Reg. $35.99!!!)

    that sounds just a bit misleading to me. makes it sound like every search you make you'll get at least 10 swagbucks and that's not true.
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    Free Aubrey Organics, Lavera Skin Care, and Hyland's Restful Legs samples

    oh i am all over getting a free sample of that restful legs stuff for hubby!
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    Free Pack of 5 React Gum

    that video freaked me out a little bit! LOL
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    free mystic stamps

    the packet specifically says to look thru the ones they sent. take out what you want and send them a payment and/or send back what you don't buy. so i feel like, yes you do need to buy them.
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    free mystic stamps

    i sent them back. if i'd known it was expected that i buy some i wouldn't have sent for this. i felt like i'd be stealing if i kept them and didn't pay for them.
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    Free Visine at CVS

    darn, i only printed one. went back to print another and it's gone :(
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    Free package of Cat's Pride -coupon

    pretty sure i did
  15. dolphindreams

    Free package of Cat's Pride -coupon

    i did all that stuff, up loaded a pic etc. never got a coupon.
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