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    free cookbook

    free history of America cookbook form educents
  2. candy

    Code for Artscow

    mishie-- do you know how much shipping usually is???
  3. candy Box for .01 !

    by freebie shopper standards the value was definitely under $10 lol
  4. candy Box for .01 !

    Thanks Bri--got my box it consisted of two nail polishes a fingernail file(cheap one) and some hand scrub.(definitely not worth $20 but a penny well spent lol) I clicked cancel on the website and had to call in to cancel but they gladly canceled me no problem at all.:wiggle:
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    Mylo Xyloto (Coldplay) MP3 album for $0.25 -- 1 day only

    I just got lady antellbellum for a quarter on amazon
  6. candy

    StumbleUpOn Amazon GiftCards

    i dont think anyone used my link. How can you tell and can we still do this for amazon or is it too late?????
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    free college t shirts from coke rewards

    anyone actually receive these shirts yet????
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    recycle bank points

    :wavey: just cant find time to post much. kids and grad school keeping me too busy. I am taking summer off though. I am so in need of a break.:wavey:
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    Zippo Lighter from Tahoe

    I got a postcard with a code for this but there is an alternative way to get it by uploading an adventure pic. Not sure if codes are unique or not. Here is mine 2024304
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    recycle bank points

    On th eearn from P&G page, there is a poll about friskies cans and paper saved or something for 10 points total
  11. candy

    Free Patriotic Lighter

    Free lighter and coupons USA GOLD cigarettes is now offering a free zippo or zippo like lighter
  12. candy

    $5 OFF $5 and FS OSP!! WOOT, HOT HOT HOT

    if we do more than one order should we change our email address or name or what?? I am getting greedy here lol
  13. candy

    $5 OFF $5 and FS OSP!! WOOT, HOT HOT HOT

    Thank you helobuff- I got a cute sleep shirt for 2.99:jump:
  14. candy

    FREE K-Y Intense BACK AGAIN 22hrs left

  15. candy

    Ped Egg Foot File: $1.59 (FS today only)

    Thanks web, I always wanted one of these but refuse to pay $10 for it. :bowrofl:
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