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    Pinecone Research Panel- Open

    Dear ALLISON: PineCone Research is growing and we invite you to help! We are offering select members the opportunity to recommend membership to a friend or relative who is NOT a member of their household. Do you know of households that would like to join the PineCone Research Panel? If so...
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    10 Free Pampers Gifts to grow points

    1. Plant 1 tree for every 2. 1 gallon 3. true- industrial standard 4. Cleaner 5. power a truck 6. 92 7. 200m 8. Raw 9. False, quickly stuff something makes gasses 10. apprx. 20 mil
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    Free Planters Flavor Grove Almonds-2/6

    Only printing $1 off coupons now.
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    Possible Free Papa Johns Pizza

    I agree. All of ours were gross except for the thin crust with bacon, ham, and pepperoni on it. The sauce is crazy sweet.
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    Free Deli Tray at Kroger affiliate stores

    No longer available. :(
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    Free Challenge Tuscan Style Butter -coupon

    You can also go here: And bypass the whole FB thing.
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    Free $1 from Miller High Life

    "I, [STATE YOUR NAME], hereby commit to living the highest possible form of the High Life in any and all situations. I pledge never to willingly participate in non-High Life-like activities, including but not limited to: male bathing suit shopping, goatee dying, embroidered golf shirt collar...
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    Free 24 ct. case of Enfamil premium newborn -call in

    I got the Enfamil yesterday morning. It wasn't even a 24ct, it was a 48ct! This morning it was donated to my local food pantry. They were ecstatic!
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    Free 24 ct. case of Enfamil premium newborn -call in

    It's 2oz individual bottles.
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    Free Office Depot $30 Gift Card

    I never got any email notification and received mine today.
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    Pampers Gifts To Grow 10pts

    Hi Toph. :wavey:
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    Pampers Gifts To Grow 10pts

    There's a few sites I've used to collect them...
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    Pampers Gifts To Grow 10pts

    I'm at 1087, myself. I have no kids, either. When I do my account should be up there.
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    Pampers Gifts To Grow 10pts

    CONGRATS2NEWMOM Worth 10pts
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