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    Thank you so much! I'm finally 21! :D

    Thank you so much! I'm finally 21! :D
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    quick question about victorias secret?

    I work there and we allow it :jump:
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    FIRST 250: Seventeen Freebie Free Water bottle

    Darn all ready sold out! :(
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    Free dove product

    I didn't think the link from my email would work but it does, free bathrobe, that is what I got in my email!
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    Free dove product
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    Free dove product Submit a review and get a coupon for a free dove product up to $6.25
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    Fandango .10 tickets

    Hi! I actually returned from Mexico in December and I am currently a Princess for a Japanese American scholarship program! It has been a lot of fun but a LOT of hard work! School has also been extra hard since I returned from Mexico! I have missed you and everyone here though! :kiss:
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    Fandango .10 tickets

    As long as they don't do this while I'm sleeping I can do this! Thank u!
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    Free Auntie Anne's Pretzel day!
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    Hickory Farms 75% off

    I don't get it I just went there and everything is a good 50 percent off but not 75...
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    Free med soda at Target 11/27-11/28

    I see no I am still here in Mexico but only for 20 more days but I am having anxiety about not making it to the Black Friday sales! :(
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    Free med soda at Target 11/27-11/28
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    Free trick or treat for unicef Halloween Party Kit

    Well you don't really know maybe they did send a thank you letter to the school and it just never got sent to your daughter. I think that raising money for a reputable charity is a wonderful thing, but no matter what your daughter does, as long as she is volunteering and giving back to someone...
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    Free Herbal Essences Shampoo or Conditioner tomorrow

    I can't do this...I'm 2 hours ahead in mexico but I live in Seattle which is 2 hours behind...What time should I be on! Help me!
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    Free Cloudy w/ Chance of Meatballs Movie Ticket wyb Spot Shot

    I think the movie was hecka good. It had cute characters and awesome adult humor. :) It's also at the top of the BOX OFFICE right NOW!
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